Find motivation in what seems impossible

Find motivation in what seems impossible

Bertrand Piccard

A guide for founders to shed old fears, embrace change, and navigate the uncertain journey to innovative growth.

This is arguably Kevin's most important videos. It had a profound impact on his life, both personal and professional. The video is both motivational and highly aspirational.

As a founder, you're like a balloonist, navigating through uncertainties high in the sky. The story of ballooning isn't just an adventure; it's a lesson for us. It teaches us that to rise, we must drop what holds us back – our fears, our old ways. In business, this means letting go of outdated habits and embracing change to discover new paths. It's about understanding that the real journey starts when we dare to venture through the 'ice', the unknown challenges, and see what lies beyond.

Bertrand Piccard's message is vital for founders. It's not just about steering your company through tough times; it's about elevating your mindset, exploring new possibilities, and being ready to adapt. Remember, the winds might push you in unexpected directions, but by shedding your ballast, you can find the right altitude and keep moving forward. It's about being brave, staying motivated, and understanding why you're on this journey. This approach is the essence of sustainable growth and innovation in the fast-paced SaaS world. So ask yourself, what's your ballast, and are you ready to let it go to reach new heights?

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