Increase the adopton of SaaS

Increase the adopton of SaaS

Dan Martell

Enhancing SaaS activation & adoption through onramping, support networks, and innovative retention strategies.

Dan Martell, a seasoned startup founder and investor, offers a concise yet comprehensive guide on boosting user engagement without modifying the product. He emphasizes the critical role of the onramping phase in user experience, underscoring its impact on initial user impressions. Martell also highlights the importance of establishing a solid support network, providing users with the necessary resources and assistance to ensure a smooth experience.

A key focus of his talk is the innovative "member at risk monitor" concept, a proactive approach to identifying and retaining users at risk of churning. Additionally, Martell explores the intriguing strategy of "flipping the cancellation," turning potential user drop-offs into opportunities for feedback and improved engagement. His presentation, complete with actionable insights and supplemented by the Churn Buster Checklist, offers valuable strategies for SaaS businesses looking to enhance product activation and adoption.

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