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Practical Founder Blog

Greg Head

Bootstrapped SaaS success secrets revealed on Greg Head's Practical Founders blog. Scale your SaaS smartly without the need of big capital.

Greg Head's Practical Founders is a vital resource for SaaS entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses in a smart and sustainable way. Greg, with over 30 years of experience in the software industry and as a mentor to numerous startups, offers a wealth of knowledge. His focus is on helping founders build valuable companies without relying heavily on external funding. The blog covers topics such as practical funding, achieving product-market fit, practical growth strategies, and the nuances of running a SaaS business.

A key theme in Practical Founders is the empowerment of bootstrapped startups. Greg emphasizes that you don’t need millions of dollars to start growing and acquiring customers. He highlights the changing landscape of venture capital funding for software companies and how today's SaaS founders can capitalize on efficient customer acquisition and increased revenue multiples. For instance, he points out the success of founders who have built and sold SaaS businesses for significant sums without chasing unicorn status.

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