Retrospective Templates

Retrospective Templates

7 retrospective templates we love and use at Miro

The article "7 Retrospective Templates We Love and Use at Miro" discusses various retrospective templates used for team and project evaluations at Miro. These include:

  1. Start Stop Continue: Focused on identifying actions for improvement.
  2. Mad Sad Glad: Emphasizes the emotional impact of projects.
  3. What So What Now What: Ties actions to identified issues.
  4. 4Ls: Concentrates on learning aspects.
  5. Sailboat: Uses a nautical theme for team reflection.
  6. Atlassian’s Team Retrospective: Simple framework for new teams.
  7. Facilitating Agile Retrospectives Workshop: A comprehensive kit for facilitators.

Each template serves different purposes, encouraging positive collaboration and continuous improvement. For more details, visit Miro’s blog here.

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