The Never Ending Road To Product Market Fit

The Never Ending Road To Product Market Fit

Brian Balfour

Understanding SaaS company phases from traction to growth, focusing on the right goals, metrics, and team structure for each stage.

Learn the key differences between the traction and growth phases of a SaaS company. the post emphasizes the importance of recognizing which stage a company is in to focus on appropriate goals, metrics, channels, and team structures.

Brian argues that product/market fit isn't a single point but a series of checkpoints of increasing difficulty and clarity. Four product-market fit checkpoints are outlined, including surveys like NPS, engagement data, retention curves, and the 'Trifecta' of non-trivial growth, retention, and meaningful usage.

Learn when the best moment is to transition from traction to growth, highlighting that this process is continuous as markets evolve.

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